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…I’m going to focus on my health

Having been a very very chubby kid and going through some periods of low confidence up until the beginning of my high school years… I’ve never been really happy with my body image for a large part of my life.  A lot of ppl would find it hard to believe that, if they met me now, because I don’t come off as someone who had struggled with body image in the past. 

I have to admit, I weigh much less than what I was back in undergrad, high school and middle school!  But I’ve realized…it’s not about the weight anymore.  It’s about how I feel both outside and, more importantly, how I feel on the inside.  It’s about attaining a well-balanced lifestyle.  It’s about getting enough sleep (that’s a pretty hypocritical statement to type, since it’s close to mindnight and I have to wake up for work tomorrow morning), hehe.  Mainly, I’ve learned that in order to be fully healthy, you gotta be happy and vice versa. 

I’ve got a number of goals this year…and one is to get on the health tip.

I’m going to actually use the bike I got earlier this Spring…and maybe try out rollerblading again this summer.  I’m going to continue salsa dancing …and maybe take up belly-dancing classes again.  And I’m going to run because I want to train for the Run for the Cure this year.  And of course, I won’t to go crazy with the spin classes, body combat, zumba and step ones!  Apart from all the crazy workout goals…I want to eat healthy.

I’m ok right now…I try to eat the oatmeal with blueberries in the morning & smoothies… and try to do the protein + veggies thing for my meals (had fish and salad for dinner tonight)….I’m trying to cut down on the sweets – but that is always a hard one! 

Anyways, top of my list of things to do is to actually go see a nautropath.  I need to focus on being healthy holistically.

After I’ve got the physical health on lock… I can really concentrate on my emotional, mental wellbeing — that seems to be an even bigger challenge! 😐



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