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I’m greatful for…

The three loves of my life…my sisters. 

I just spent the last week over at my Aka’s place in Sarnia, with my two little sisters.  We four didn’t do a ‘Sarnia trip’ since 2007! It’s mainly my fault because I am currently living in Ottawa, which is about 9 hours away from Sarnia…and I don’t have a car or hadn’t taken any time off work until now. 

But I’m so happy that I spent this time with them.  It helped me put things in perspective – of what’s really important in life.  I’ve been so caught up in my life in Ottawa, work and the routine/comfort of it all…. and although I have a wonderful friend who is also my roommate, and a great place near downtown Ottawa, and although I have met some wonderful people there… I’ve always felt an empty feeling.  I know that I need to be closer to home … and that’s what’s going to make me truly happy.  And I’m going to work on getting there. 

I am blessed to have my sisters in my life…and I want to be greatful for that everyday.  They have taught me that there is a kind of love that is so deep…that when you even remotely think about it, it makes you choke up with emotion and tear up inside. They are my best friends that I’ve grown up with all my life…and only wish the best that life can give them…because they are true kindred spirits…good souls with a lot of love to give.   

And it would make so happy if I meet somebody that understands how much they mean to me.  Then again…I don’t think I’ll be with someone that doesn’t understand the kind of relationship I have with my sisters…so I’m not worried about that 😛


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