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Sad to leave this place I once called home…

So my roommate and I went to see an old undergrad friend of ours that we haven’t seen in awhile.  It was a lovely evening…Ottawa is absolutely gorgeous all year around…but the autumn leaves just brought out the best in the city! I’ve always enjoyed my walks near Parliament…and into the Byward Market…but I hadn’t seen it the way I did today. 

Although I’ve been telling myself it’s time for me to leave this place… I was definitely feeling the blues as I walked along the all-too-familar road.  It didn’t seem to familiar anymore.  I said my goodbyes to the eternal flames near Parliament where some of my girlfriends and I sang Kumbaya and O’Canada to a drunken night out in Ottawa 😛 I said my farewells to the bridge that overlooked Ottawa river …where I’ve awwwed in far too many beautiful sunsets. 

I am really said to leave this place I once called home.  I loved it here.  And when I find the love of my life…I’m going to bring him here and take him to all these places that I wanted to share with somebody.  I’ve never found love in Ottawa.  I never even kissed a boy in Ottawa.  Never went on a date here.  But it didn’t matter at all.  I was always at peace here…. and I loved that. 

When I had visited a horoscope lady the other day (which is a story in itself!)… she told me that I’ve lived in Ottawa many a times in my past lives.  I wasn’t surprised at all when she said that.  I’ve experienced the most deja-vus here in my life….ever.  I’ve felt like I’ve done this and that before.  It’s definitely a wierd feeling to feel familiar at a city that I’ve never been before.  But hey, there are far too many phenomenas and mysteries in the world to explain this one …logically. 

I met some good souls here.  Explored my desire to learn salsa! Got a taste of the public servant lifestyle.  Got a puppy!  Cultivated some very interesting ideas…and, all at the same while, was at peace here.  Ottawa will always have a special place in my heart.  And I’ll definitely be back someday.



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