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Drained…but content.

It’s 12:42 right now… and I have a lot more energy than I did before my nap… or this whole day that is!  I was DRAINED out of my mind all day today.  So I can’t imagine how my friend felt after his 6-month long campaign in hopes of becoming the next Public School Trustee!  I guess with all that excitement and go-go-go yesterday… I didn’t realize I wasn’t drinking any water or eating much during the whole thing.  My feet was sooo tired…!  Made me think about the days my Appa stood/still stands at the gas station making those small bucks as extra cash.  Breaks my heart to think that.  He has always been a difficult person to read… but I’m seeing him in a new light these days.  While I was thinking he didn’t care at all… I think the problem is…. he cares too much.  I think I still misunderstand him…. but I’m starting to see that no matter the good times or the bad… the loves the same.  And he’s just got a whole lot of it.. .just not sure how to show it I guess.   

Bottom line is… I just want him to be happy.  And that is what is going to take me through those days when I think he just doesn’t get it.  Although I’m in some philosophical mood right now…the fact of the matter is…life is wayyy too short to worry about the little disagreements over things that don’t really matter. 

Anyways, so back to the campaign…. I only came into the whole process the last few weeks of the race.  But it was incredible!  I’ve met some amazing individuals through the whole process, all the while, learning how the whole political area works. 

So what did I learn?  It’s a no brainer, but nothing is achieved without hard work.  I get that from this team, especially my friend.  Heck – I just had a small sample of it when I looked at my knuckles this morning and saw that the skin had peeled off and it was sore from all that knocking we did yesterday.  And that’s nothing compared to what the others have gone through.  Although it was tiring work… it left me with a sense of satisfaction. 

My friend…he’s got some great ideas…. and there’s a genuienty in him about truly wanting to implement change in the education system and I love that.  We need ppl like that in this world.  The ones with the heart and soul in their words. 

I think he is going to soar from this experience… I can sense it.  Everyone can about him.  And I hope he never loses faith in that. 

This post seems to jump from one place to another… but I guess there were reasons for why I wrote it this way.  I definitely feel a little lost about the next few weeks….and I’m searching for what I want to keep busy with next.  But it’s not about that.  I actually need to take in a long breath and figure out what and where my next move shall be. 

This is an exciting time in my life…. and although my funds are draining exponentially… this is the time to do it.  Don’t you think?


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