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Taking a moment to breathe…

I’m sitting in the kitchen table applying for a job right now.  And ocassionally looking at the backyard to see if Chase is up to no good.  I bought one of those metal rods that you stick in the ground and got a long enough rope to tie to his harness so he can roam around in the backyard whenever he wants to. 

I should really get back to applying for this job… I’m almost done.  Not sure if it’s what I want to do though.  I haven’t found THAT job yet.  But I dont’ like missing out on opportunities…so here I am. 

After I officially move out on Sunday…. I’m going to organize everything here at home.  I’ve got a million and one ppl to meet up with and lots of things to do…and it’s honestly so exciting!  But of course, at some point, I do need to get back to the 9-5…don’t I?  But then again, am I 9-5 kind of girl?  What do I really want next?  I’m not sure what the answers are to these questions…

I haven’t even explored my interests in interior design as much as I would like to… and I haven’t taken those instructor zumba courses like I want to.. I haven’t studied for some of the tests I want to take …like my GMATs… but now seems to be the best time for it all. 

I have a white board that hasn’t been used yet.  I’m goin to write down all the immediate goals I want to achieve.  There are so many! I also want to finish my vision board….I’ve got all the material…even quotes and words I want to pop when I see it each morning… so now it’s just a matter of putting them all on the board. 

I’ve been feeling a little funny these days…after the campaign… not sure what this feeling means though?  Am I excited, nervous about the future?  – YES.  Very.  But it’s not just that.  I can’t seem to pinpoint what I’m feeling right now… or the cause of it…. but it’s different.  That’s all I can say. 

Anyways… I should get back to this job application.


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