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I’m pumped!

I’m still feeling the after effects of my workout this evening …. all those endorphins swimming in my body….it feels great!  But man oh man, was I pooped midway into the class!

This was a dance funk class, and I was literally DYING everytime we did a segment!  The instructor was hilarious!  He was so into the moves… Rashmi was saying he even winked at himself in the mirror, lol! 

But I love ppl like that. You gotta have hard work…but you gotta have passion in what you do… and this instructor was definitely more than that! lol 

I want to be a zumba instructor.  I’ve looked into the courses before… it might be a great part-time job to have.  It keeps you in shape, allows you to incorporate latin in your workouts and you will have to maintain the health in order to lead a class.  I think it would be fun….and I’m hoping to explore that option in the near future. 

Anyways, I loveee eXtreme and I think I’m going to go CRAZY with these classes!  I gotta get fit….and stay fit this time around. 

The best part is, I get to go to classes with Rashmi and Ani.  Overall, it’s been great…and I can’t wait for us to go crazy for the next month and a half. 

Yup.  Working out definitely feels good…



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