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life doesn’t stop for you…

My periappa passed away this morning from a heart attack.  I didnt’ know him that well…but I’ve heard stories.  Stories about how he was a nice man.  A nice father.  A nice husband.  And a nice periappa.  When I was a toddler, apparently I only got along with him.  He had that kind of warm aura about him. 

In moments like these…although I have experienced only a few deaths in my life of loved ones / loved ones family members… I look around myself and life goes on, whether I want it to or not.  It’s a sad reality.  But the world still spins….

I am really sad for my cousin and Periamma.  They are somewhat isolated in India.  And my cousin, who is a year younger than me, (brilliant brilliant young woman)…just got a job with a very prestigious computer company…has to go through this.  Periappa had went to Chennai with her so she can complete her training… and then after he had mentioned he had chest pains yesterday night…she told him to go to periamma.  At least Periamma got to see her husband before he left…. but how sad is that?  And my cousin had to take a dreadful 6hr train back to Thiruchi to be with her Amma this morning — bearing the news of the death of her father… heart-breaking…

Life is so short.  And it dosen’t stop for anybody. 

Got a lump in my heart just thinking about how it would be if I were her… it’s already hard as it is to see my Amma cry this morning.  I can’t imagine how it would be if it was one of my sisters going through this right now… And I am going to know each and every one of my brother-in-laws. 

Why do we humans feel so deeply? Love so deeply?  There is so much at stake when we love somebody…. And I’ve got too many of those people in my life. …far too many.  But no fear is big enough to stop loving… And so, we fall into the trap of a destined weeping heart…

I am praying that Periappa rests in peace.  He was a happy father and a happy husband and a happy individual.  I only wish that his soul rests in peace forever….

I’m going to end this post with something that’s been bothering me since the news of my Periappa’s death.  It’s the words of this horoscope lady that I had seen in Ottawa.  She told me and Rashmi that we will experience a death in the near future.  And it’s going to be from someone in India…. 😐


I never want to believe in these horoscope things…but how did she know?  There is something supernatural out there… maybe energies that some individuals are ‘gifted’ to read? Who knows… ??


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