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You turn me into somebody loved…

I’m writing an EC-05 exam starting this morning at 9 until Monday at 4.  It’s going alright, but I have to get a lot done today and tomorrow.  I don’t want to leave it until the last minute.  This exam is important to me.  I have to give it my all.

I’m listening to ‘somebody loved’ by the Weepies…. Rashmi found this sound.  It’s beautiful.  And I’m working on my exam…while the music is playing… but I’m also sitting in the living room…beside our Chase.  He’s wrapped around my Amma’s blue ‘dragon’ sweater.  He’s not feeling so good today.  He was coughing a lot…and was lying around here and there.  I’m scared.  I’m such a worry wort (is that the saying? lol)… But I love him.  We all love him.  He’s got so much to give…like a bottomless pit of love. 

When Amma was crying a lot the other day when her brother-in-law had passed away… he was crying with her.  You can’t get more beautiful than that!

I hope he’s okay.  I booked a vet appt for tomorrow.  I kept asking her if he will be okay by then.  She said it’s not anything to worry about…but I am worried.  I want him to be with us for as long as shorkies can live and some. 

Life has a lot of downs…. but I guess you just have to cherish all the love and people – companions – as much as you can. 

Rashmi has this really cute video of Chase sleeping to this song on her bed., hheh….you have to see it.  It’s definitely a heart warmer. 

I am so happy he is in our lives.


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