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Someone that I can love…

I’m just finishing up my new format for my resume.  It’s the same format as Aka’s resume, which I love, because mine was too cluttered.  This version makes it look like i have way fewer words, when in reality, I didn’t take anything out. 

I need to find a job.

But I need to find a job that I love.

And I am lost at sea right now.  What is it that I’m passionate about?  Where will I be in the next few months? 

I feel like I’m at a standstill and I want to just keep moving…in the right direction of course….but keep moving. 

Apparently I’m supposed to put myself out there on the 22nd – this Saturday – because it’s a good day for Aries 😛 Not sure how much I can believe these things.  But I do want to have that ‘feeling’ again.  I miss it.  It’s been 3 years since I’ve was in a ‘relationship’ – if you can call my last one that.  It’s been 3 years since I’ve kissed somebody.  Looking back, I’ve got a pretty sad relationship history.  I want to meet ppl this year.  Not just randoms…and not just boys who are boys who are confused.  I want to meet a man.  lol

Someone who gives me the butterflies….someone who will take care of me as I will him.  Someone that I can love.  I’ve never loved anybody…and sometimes I wonder if I ever will…

I don’t want to lose hope just yet… it would be a waste of the time I’m in right now.  I have to make this year more exciting! I have decided to *try* to break free from this shyness that I have with boys and put myself out there for the ‘right’ ones.  I haven’t met him yet…that much I know.


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