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I am thankful <3…

Rashmi is cleared of the troubles of her past and steering clear from here 🙂  I’ve wanted to hear those news for such a long time!  So I can’t imagine how she’s been feeling!  I am going to order her something to surprise her…but only if I can find the exact one on the net 😐

Aka is moving back!  Which is soo long overdue.  I don’t want her making those long lonely drives back… and coming home to an empty apartment anymore.  I want her to be around all the ppl she cares about not just on the weekends….but always.

Looks like Ani has adopted a crazy work ethic to go buck this semester with school.  I want her to get into the program she wants to and enjoy the last few days of her high school with a peace of mind.

I am thankful for getting an internship with CSI! It’s going to open up so many networks, so many individuals, so so many ideas!  And the best part is that I get to take on this journey with Gagan! We’ve got some really cool ideas…and I’m hoping we take it to the next level with this opportunity!

I am thankful to know great people in my life.  Too many to list here (plus I don’t want to miss anyone out or worry about the order that I same them in, hehe).   

And to have opportunities.  I am so excited for this CSI internship – and to work with Gagan on developing some out-of-this-word ideas! 😉 

I am going to NY in a few weeks with Shainaz.  It’s going to be so incredibly fun! I can’t wait to flush out some of our cafe ideas…not sure where this is going to go, but to spend time with her would mean a lot because we don’t have a chance to do that! Or a chance to do girly things! hehe…can’t wait!  I am also hoping Kumsy is in NY when we get there so we can all go out! *fingers-crossed!*

So many great things to look forward to…and you will hear about it all as it happens. 

BTW – you should be proud of me.  I did a spin class and then a weight/pump class.  I am sore, but mainly my bum because the saddle of the bikes are so hard! lol.  But it feels good.  I’m going to hit the gym at least 3/4 times a week.  I have to!  I have a few goals in mind =)

Now I’m going to do some more emailing/phone calls, job searches, researching innovative ideas, reading homework for CSI training session..ahhh… so much to do.  I would’ve never imagined being this busy when I am unemployed.  (It’s definitely a good thing – not complaining 🙂


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