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inner peace

I wish I can explain how I’m feeling inside right now.  I just came back from NYC with Shainaz last night.  What a trip!  Got so many things racing through my head right now.  The people.  The signs.  The magnitude of this trip is hard to comprehend.  I feel…in some ways….re-awakened.

I feel blessed. 

I feel ….different. 

It’s like I’ve re-confirmed how I want to live.  And you know how that is?  I want to give give my all to a certain few in my life that I love and cherish…. and I want to give it endlessly.  I want to live a life where I am constantly going that extra mile.  I feel like it’s the only way really. 

Aka, Rashmi and I went for Sushi today.  God I love those girls.  Then we picked up Ani from school.  My whole day was spent with them – ending it off with a nice walk with Ani when we took out Chase. Even though it was such a normal day….I lived it with appreciation.  I am blessed to have what I have. 

Thank you.

Now I feel that I can look out to the world for signs to move forward with my life.  I’ve got a few things to figure out.  But I feel like I’ll find my dream job and dream other-half soon 🙂  Life is full of blessings disguised as people.  I’m happy I’ve met alot of them already.


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