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Sisters bonds into the future

Can it be true?  That the four of us can become distant when we are married and have our own families?  My mom is convinced that this is the story of every sister-sister bond.  But I can’t accept that – and I won’t. 

I can’t comment on any other bond but the sister-sister one…. and I’ve seen so many of them last a lifetime.  And I believe that the bonds I share with my sisters are ones that last forever.  It makes me angry when I talk about this with my mom because she is SO convinced that we would grow distant in the future.  Not because of the way we are.  No, she has faith in us.  But because of the people that will come into our lives.  Her sisters have grown apart because of it.  But I refuse to think that our situation would be the same.  How could it be?!

Two things that are very different from ‘us’ and ‘them’. (1) We’re far more independent women than in our parents’ generation.  So we don’t have to always ‘agree’ with our husbands or feel that we need to.  (2) Our future guys would understand that our sister relationships are important and, in return, be mindful of it. 

I’m going to admit…I do have some fear that things might change in the future.  But whenever my mind goes there, I just convince myself that there’s too much to give up if it were to happen that way. 

I believe that when we’re born, we’re each given special gifts…and how we cultivate that is up to us.  I believe my gifts are my three sisters.  And I’m not going to let petty, stupid misunderstandings stand in the way of something so beautiful.  It is a blessing to be able to grow-up with three best friends.  They are my blessings and that importance will never change.  So why fear at all?


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