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someone like you….

I’m listening to this song right now…. and I love it! I love the emotions behind this song…so powerful…and so painful – I love the way Adele sings.

I actually don’t relate to this song…because I never met anyone that affected me so much that I want someone just like them.  I’ve never loved anyone… but it sounds like a beautiful feeling…

These days…I feel, in some odd ways, lonely. But, just very few moments do I find myself feeling this way.  It’s wierd…

I’m so busy these days…and it feels so exciting!  I was at CSI until 9:45ish yesterday night with Gagan…and we both loveddd the space! We got a lot of work done for our very first consulting project.  All the developments with CSI and what we’re evolving into (public health consultants?) is soooo exciting and new! I also just heard from a colleague of mine from Ottawa that HR had contacted her about a reference for the pool I was interviewed for.  I will probably be hearing from them soon. 

Everything about my life is exciting…. and yet… I find myself feeling empty – only a few times… but they exist. 

I guess I like this song because, in some ways, the way she sings carries a sorrow… one that describes this emptiness I feel sometimes….

But I wouldn’t rush this process for the world.  I don’t want to rush and figure out who I’m going to be with — it will come in due time…when it’s supposed to.  I want to be happy while I’m single.  There’s a freedom in being single… and be able to just focus on me…and the ppl I love. 

I’ll find someone when the time is right 🙂

Now I’m going to go back to reading these articles for our social impact case! =)


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