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Need a new perspective.

I need a new perspective.

I am stressed out at work in all the wrong ways.  I keep feeling in limbo… and therefore act that way towards work.  I know it is not a long-term, permanent thing.  But I shouldn’t act like it’s temporary.  I work long hours, and no one knows it.  I prefer it that way, but internally, I don’t feel that those long hours help me in any way.  There are no rewards to these long hours.

After I write this post, I’m going to review a proposal.  I like doing this stuff, but with all the other things on my plate, it is hard for me to juggle everything.  I feel like a failure.  And just my luck…I am working with a contractor that is not delivering what we want.  It’s just an unfortunate situation and apparently one that people don’t usually experience.  I just happen to experience this on the first contract that I manage.  Ugh.  Maybe the universe is helping me in some way…I like to think.

I would like the universe to help me in other ways.  Like present opportunities in Toronto…and give me enough time in the day / evening to apply to them.  After my trip with the sisters to DR (which I can’t wait for!) and technical briefing event is over…. and I get to celebrate in Vegas…. I just want to concentrate on me and how I can get myself back home to Toronto.  I have to be back before June – in May actually.  But I want to leave Ottawa on good terms.

I am excited for this year, but I want this year to be in Toronto…not here.  It’s not Ottawa that bothers me…. it is because I feel like I am wasting time here, when I can be building relationships and experience in a place that is more long-term and permanent.  I need a new perspective – to clear my mind  – to be in my comfort zone.  Maybe I will get that in DR with my sisters.  I love them to pieces…but never show them that.  They deserve to be loved that much.

Anyway, back to this proposal!  Only one more day left before I head back home….eeek…can’t wait! 🙂




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