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Feeling sick…probably more inside than out.

Got a running nose and congestion among other issues.  But I think I’m better than yesterday.  So definitely on the road to recovery.  

I feel sick…moreso inside than out. 

I haven’t picked myself up as well as I wanted to.  I don’t want to be writing these words again a month from now.  Things have to change.  I moved my GMAT books from the basement to the dining table – that’s a step, I guess.  Now I have to open them.  

When do I get this kind of freedom to study, to explore my career to apply to things that I would enjoy?  When will I get the time to invest in me…. volunteer, take salsa lessons, learn to cook, paint, photograph and spend time with my family.  Why am I looking at this unemployment as a prison?  

I am going to put a strict schedule starting March.  Everyday is going to be a new day to do new things and feel empowered and happy.  It’s gotta be strict and productive and happy.  I am tired of being tired of being tired.  I’ the only one that can change the way I feel inside and out.  It starts with healing… healing my cold – yes- but healing within.  

I have a lot of good things going.  I feel blessed in so many ways.  So it’s time I show it and work on me – everything else will unfold beautifully.  My attitude has to change.  It’s not a sad period of my life.  I will be successful, passionate about what I do and make the money.  For now, I want to concentrate on building confidence, working hard and enjoying what God has given me – a chance to find peace within.  


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