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Youth Daughter.

I love this song.  It’s so uplifting.  I don’t even know what the lyrics say…. but it feels good.  

Setting fire…to our insides for fun… ahhh…so much feeling!


I’m working on an application for peel public health.  It sounds like it would be right up my alley.  It’ll be in the west end too.  And while I do this job, I would love to work on all the side projects that peak my interest.  And build them slowly.  I feel like that’s how things are going to go down with me.  A stable job, with a few side projects. Some volunteering for the soul.  Some salsa dancing for fun/cardio.  Some gym and yoga for the heart.  Weekdays in the West end.  Family and fun in the East end.  And forever growing, learning and improving.  That sounds like a good plan for now.  But w’ell see.  And when one of the side projects sprouts, maybe I will do that full-time.  


“chasing visions of our future. 

one day, we will reveal the truth.”

I will find my niche soon.


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